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Remapping your cars ECU can have massive benefits which include:

  • Improve your fuel consumption by up-to 15%!
  • Updated car software
  • Improved performance
  • Better throttle response
  • Improve how your car drives

ECU Remapping in Wychbold will help you achieve the very best from your car for both performance and economy. It’s a fantastic combination that will boost your driving experience and decrease your fuel costs over the lifespan of your car.

ECU Remapping Garage in Wychbold

So what does ECU remapping actually do? In simple terms, remapping alters and improves the performance of your car by tweaking how your engine drives the car. We have a range of options that you can choose what to tune and in-turn decide what effects are put into play with the tuning.

We constantly get asked the question:
“If the remapping increases the overall power of the car, how can you improve the Miles Per Gallon (economy).”

Whilst some drivers will alter the way they drive once a performance boost has been applied often much more enthusiastically (with their foot on the acceleration), therefore increasing the consumption of fuel.

On the other side of the coin, a more experienced driver will alter their driving habits to really maximise their power and torque using the correct rev ranges and gear changes. Thus taking advantage of both the power to the engine increasing and improved fuel economy! Win-win!!!

Remapping your vehicle could possibly provide an instant impact on both your vehiclesspeed we have seen instances of increased horsepower by 30-40bhp, and torque of up-to 80nm!


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ECU Remapping Wychbold

Your cars engine (if modern) will be controlled electronically by your Engine Control Unit (ECU). Your ECU processes information in real time from lots of sensors placed all over your car.

The engine will report on all of the following: fueling, ignition timing, boost (where and if applicable), torque values, etc. They are all calibrated in your cars ECU based on another set of values such as the conditions in which you are using your car, it’s fuel level etc.

This is combined with the information your car sensors provide. This creates “maps” and ensures the vehicles engine is operating at its optimal performance.

Car ECU Tuning Wychbold

When car manufacturers produce new cars, their cars are not tuned for specific countries. They take into account all factors and driving conditions the car may be put into. So, if the car is being sold in a colder climate such as Scandinavia, the ECU will have conditions programmed in alongside the conditions of the UK.

This means that the ECU is not bespoke and is not completely tailored to your countries conditions. Wychway Garage can rewrite (also known as ECU Remapping or ECU Tuning) to suit driving conditions for the UK, increasing power and torque (and also fuel efficiency). We can tune and remap all engines including both diesel and petrol.

Car diagnostics in Wychbold

So, Should I Get My Cars ECU Remapped?

If you are searching for a way to achieve the most out of vehicle, a performance ECU remap is a great way to do so. The process has many benefits as discussed above. We are a reputable remapping company in Wychbold, Droitwich and we are more than happy to explain everything to you before you decide to go ahead, simply call us on: 01527 861 851.

Why Choose US?

Whether your car problems are minor or major, you can trust Wychway Garage to quickly detect and fix them without any delays. We stand out among competitors because we have:

  • Comprehensive equipment
  • Expert ECU tuning and remapping
  • Continuous development and training
  • Competitive prices
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Vast knowledge and expertise